Who is Critical Takes for?

Critical Takes is a not-for-profit discussion platform for people from progressive civil society around the world who are critical of the power of multinational corporations.

Our definition of “civil society” is broad and includes various groups and people with progressive aims, including non-governmental organisations, coalitions and networks; activists and campaigners; not-for-profit, charitable and voluntary organisations; trade unions; academia, research institutes and think thanks; progressive media organisations, journalists and media commentators.

The work of Critical Takes is based on the universality of human rights.


How can I use Critical Takes?

You can use our website, online events, newsletters and social media presence as a source of information and ideas for your own work, or just as a way of keeping up with what other critics of corporate power around the world are thinking and doing.

You can join the discussion by posting comments on the website, taking part in our online events and writing for Critical Takes yourself (please see “Write for Us”).


Will Critical Takes campaign for its own policy agenda?

Not normally, no. Critical Takes is a resource for civil society, rather than a campaigning group, so it will not normally campaign or conduct advocacy towards governments or multinational corporations.

Critical Takes aims to encourage a patient and inclusive discussion among people around the world who agree that the power of multinationals is a serious problem for justice and democracy, but may have different views about what needs to change and how. Ultimately we hope to encourage ambitious thinking across civil society about how to transform corporate power.


Who owns and funds Critical Takes?

The website is owned by Critical Takes on Corporate Power Limited, a not-for-profit Company Limited By Guarantee whose director and member is the Editor, Diarmid O'Sullivan.  The company is registered in England (Company Number 14966786) and its registered address is: Flat 10, 54 Cecile Park, London N8 9AT, United Kingdom.

The platform is currently funded by the Editor, who also contributes his time on an unpaid basis. The plan is to raise funds from non-profit foundations in future.


Can I reproduce material from this website in my own work?

You can quote or refer to material published on this website as long as you cite the name of the author and refer to Critical Takes on Corporate Power as its source, for example via a link or a footnote.

If you want to reproduce most or all of an article from the website, or if your work is commercial in nature, then you must contact the Editor for permission first.

Nothing published on this website may be used for the training of AI and machine-learning software or for similar purposes.