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Write For Us

Critical Takes publishes analysis, comment and reflection on corporate power which is written by and for people from progressive civil society around the world. 

A fixed fee is offered for articles which are published on this site. Please note that not all submissions will lead to publication. If you would like to propose an article, please read these guidelines carefully first.

Critical Takes is looking for articles which offer deeper understanding of a problem of corporate power or fresh ways of thinking about it. Articles should be written in a clear and accessible style for a civil society readership. The usual maximum length is 1,000 words. You can reuse material which you have published elsewhere, as long as you have the necessary rights and permissions. Your work will be edited and you may be asked to tailor your writing for our community of users.

If you would like to propose an article for publication, please send an email of no more than 200 words (no attachments, please) to submissions@criticaltakes.org which explains:

  • what you would like to say in the article;
  • how you know about the topic you want to write about.

Critical Takes will respond to all emailed submissions as soon as possible. If yours is a good fit for the platform, then the Editor will get in touch to discuss it with you and explain the editing process. 

Please note that Critical Takes does not publish investigative reports or news stories.

Critical Takes is a resource for civil society, rather than a campaigning organisation, so we will not normally publish media releases, open letters, policy or advocacy briefings or other documents which are intended to be read by governments, the private sector or the general media. However, if you are launching a new campaign or research project, then we would certainly consider an article which explains your thinking to other people across civil society or reflects on what you have learned from your work.